Very Short Stories and the Messenger Dog

For the end of his course, Matt Cottam invited his friends Timo Arnall from Oslo and Jack Schulze from London to give us a workshop about video story telling around the project we developed. The workshop was entitled “Very Short Stories”.

This happened during a weekend, an very intense weekend.

Timo and Jack are expert about prototyping experiences through videos and are really inspiring professionals, as well as very good teacher. I think we have been very lucky to have them at Ciid.

On Saturday, I sketch my concept for the video and set a little model stage to understand the flow of my plot and the spaces involved.
With a little bit of imagination, the furry cone represents the dog, the transparent cylinder the space where the displaced person is physically and digitally blocked and the wooden block represents the refugee camp. The final stage I set up is quite like this…

Timo recorded the footage and Matt helped me in the orange  props for the floor. Matt also acted in the video and moved the dog trolley. A big thank to them, really.

After my butchery style cut, Mary did a great job editing the pieces together .

Below the link of the video.


Here some really cute pics Matt took during this process.

Thanks to Matt Cottam for the pics again.


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