Materials hunting during COP15

Me and Jaceck are working on the BEEcoming uniform and we are looking for lots of materials. The uniform will have tools to take pollen from flowers and we decided to make them like big brushes- califlower shaped- that have furry cones instead of hair. The idea is that you could get inside the flower and swap the cones on the inside of it to get the pollen. Maybe we will also have a hat like that, to take pollen from trees…

To make the cones, we were looking for foam an we got to this wood and insulation material shops in the heart of Copenhagen, near the school. It is quite a fascinating shop. It is full of little wood buildings where they store materials. You need to visit/explore them to look for the things you want. Look here to see where we got our foam…

While we were hunting for materials, remember that in Copenhagen the COP15 was just starting. Fortuantelly we were around the city biking and we got to see it on the spot and on the time it was happening.


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