BEEcoming in progress 2

We tried to laser cut the fake white laser with double side tape glued on it to make the semisphere pattern slices . You get the brown edges due to the laser. So we decided to cut it by hand. Mayo, our colleague and friend from UK in CIID, suggested us to laser cut the tool to cut the slices and then use a scalpel to properly cut them out of the material. 

Then we put this haberdashery fake leather string to finish better the edge.

The handle sits on a kind of button we made from cardboard, wadding and fake leather. Glued with epoxy, just to make it strong.

Around the semisphere we put wadding , to make the object look soft.

On top of the wadding, the real material we want to use, a kind of wool/felt.

Jaceck is taking the job seriously here.

Eventually we made 3 objects and we also laser cut the more outside ring. The work is not complete, but we want to give time to the epoxy to cure good. Fingers crossed!


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