Wearable Computing in Climate Change

After the users research exausting weeks, we are having an intensive and fun session of wearable computing with David Gautier, Di Mainstone and Prya. By chance, recently I was looking at the work that Di made at V2 in Rotterdam and surprise…I realize I had her as mentor when she was her work and I recognized it.

The topic of the course is Performative Design and it is about wearable that can enhance human beings in performing other behaviors or actions…in the context of COP15. Such as saying, envisioning Climate Change Scenarios, future human evolutions, ect.

With Prya we also did an interesting exercise about designing with a material (taking from rubbish, yeah) to make a linear surface that has a structure and that performs differently from the way that material usually is used to. Like structuring it to give it new properties and characteristics.

I got a foam sponge and a metallic sponge, like the one for washing dishes. I had to change the feeling of touching the 2 kinds of sponge in order that using a little bit of metallic could still give me the feeling of the foam one and viceversa. I made a honeycomb filled structure, so that you can touch the bigger surface to feel the metallic sponge and the lower one to feel the foam sponge…

Di instead teached us how to cut patterns around the sphere from textile. She said that once we learn how to do it around the sphere, then we can do it wherever we want! Yuppie! It was really a crazy and useful exercize. I think I will use this technique a lot in the future!


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