The Wearable Computing 2 weeks project sees me in team with a great friend of mine in CIID, Jacek. He is a software developer from Poland, really friendly and he always wants to challenge himself with a smile on his face. For this he gets an extra point from me!

We brainstormed about Climate Change and came across the problem of failed pollination and the bees dying nowadays because of pesticides used in agricolture (neonecotide is the name of the one that kills the bee), season changing, flower blossom not regularly, pollution.

In USA the 80% of bees has dead and in Europe 40%. It is really a big problem because even if we don’t realize it, (and it is crazy we do not know this stuff…that we are not aware of such an important thing), 1/3 of our food depends on bees impollination: bees getting from a flower to another one pollinating that flower that will finally turn into a fruit, vegetable of other kinds, forage for animals.

Have a look here to see the hugeness of the problem:

We decided to work on this scenario…imaging that in the next future we could run out of the bees and people will have to turn into “human bees” to collect pollen and spread among flowers. People could become new “bee” workers and also exchage pollen between themselves to improve the genetic exchange that  former bees used to do before naturally.

Our first design “sketching on the body”, as Di teached us, is about a skin module that mimics the basket posterior leg of the bee, a body part in bees where they collect pollen in great quantity. It’s kind of spoon shaped leg with fur.

Anyway, bees get quite dirty of pollen because they are furry all around the body. They go to the flower to take food, the nectar, but they also take pollen and spread it around incidentally (that is obviously the plan of Nature) pollinating the environment around.

BEECOMING is the name of our project. Here some pics of our first sketch on the body.


2 responses to “BEEcoming!

  1. Cool blogpost, I didn’t thought reading it would be so cool when I saw the title with link!

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