User Research at Hillerod Hospital

User Research course starts and I am in group with Gizem, Filippo, Elena, David and Ulrik.

Our teachers for this course are Simona Maschi, Brian Rink from Ideo and Joachim Halse.

Among all the different departments we could focused on, we decided the Emergency Room, commonly known as the ER.

We are spending lots of time at Hillerod Hospital. Kind of going every day…dressing with nurses uniform and shadowing the medical staff to better understand the dynamics of the ER.

Here some pics of our process.

Triage board in the ER

Nurses need to take track of the ER patients and fill the files in very quick time. Sometimes they find different medium to use in order to be more efficient

A pocket of a nurse full of tools

I am a nurse shadow during the user research

Discussing insights with a nurse

Waiting room at the ER

Sliding doors at the ER dividing the waiting room form the medical ones

How to be quick nurse moving around departments


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