Comet_private phone calls in the public space

This is the final project with Arduino, after 2 weeks course with Massimo Banzi. I worked in group with Sebastian, Eric and Pedro. We had to take an old object and change completely its function by hacking it.

We took a helmet- hair drier and we converted it in a phone booth for private calls in public space. The phone booth is  moveable and has loudspeaker integrated in the helmet. It works with skype. When you sit on the stool, the phone booth gets red ligh on the bottom to signify it is occupied and ready to be used as a phone.

I worked especially on the physical building of it and as well on the pillow that behaves as a sensor to switch on the led strips on the base.

Here you can see a video of the exhibition it was part of:

_ New sould for an old machine VIDEO



* This is the inside of the helmet


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