Meet&Playback glove_weareable Arduino

Last project for the 1° week with Arduino is Meet&Playback glove, developed with Mary Huang.

It is a glove that works with 2 capacitive sensors knitted with conductive yarn and a piezo sensor. Everytime you meet a friend, shake hands or give hi5, the glove store your meeting as a music note that you can playback like a random melody pushing the flower button on the other side of the glove. The idea is to store the memory of the persons you meet in the day and translate them into something that you can always listen to during the day.


We also tried to substitute the Arduino board with a LilyPad Arduino, sewing it onto the glove. It didn’t work and eventually we came back to the normal Arduino…Maybe the voltage 3,3 V of the LilyPad messed our capacitive sensorsand as well the yarn connections with the board were quite unstable with the knitting. They were not really sensing much after we wired the LilyPad. Here there is a picture of the inside of the glove. As you see, the yarn from the capacitive sensor is inside little textile pipes in order to insulate them from the skin.

Here you can see a video:

_ Meet&Playback glove VIDEO



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