Fixed to Share_bike sharing

During the Upgrade skills week at Ciid, I worked for the first time with Flash. During this week I developed a project about a new social bike sharing system for Copenhagen and I made a website as a screen based touch point about it.


Fixed to Share is designed in order to have more shared bikes spread around the city and have them available as if you would own one of them. In Copenhagen there are lots of broken bikes abandoned in the city that police recollects. In the system I designed, police would have an agreement with the bikes shops so that they would take the broken bikes and repair them. People could have one of those bikes for free, keep it at home and use it as if it would be their own bike, but in exchange they would have to loan them for flexible period of their choice to other members of the system.

From the website I designed, members can either own a shared bike or just rent one occasionally.

Here you can see of a video showing the website:



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