“You in the Wonderworld”_project

This evening we finally presented our Processing projects during an exhibition we made at Dkds.

My project is called “You in the Wonderworld”and it is about how to interact with a movies and encourage creating new history out of it. I wanted to turn the viewer as a new character in the movie and for my project I chose “Alice in Wonderland”. It kind of suits the “searching” for another “new story”, another “crazy history”…

As soon as you are watching the video, you turn into a butterfly inside the screen,  playing in the cartoon according to your movements and distance from the screen. The closer you are, the bigger the butterfly gets. You playing as the butterfly could actually result in taking over Alice or the other way around, like the butterfly being even protagonist of the tale.


By the way you see the movie, my Processing application produces the bookmark of the “unwritten story” you have been played inside the tale of “Alice in the Wonderland”.


It is a comb bookmark and each tooth mark a relevant scene of Alice’s cartoon. For each of those teeth, there is the butterfly on top of it, scaled according to the role she (the butterfly, I mean) played in the movie. Having close up in the movie (so being big in size) would result being big in the bookmark, reminding of the big role she had during that scene.


The bookmark, of course, come with a particular book of “Alice in the Wonderland”, where lots of pages between the most relevant scenes are left blank, so that you can fill them later following the “unwritten story” retraced in your bookmark.



You could share your book and bookmark in order to show your friends the way you experienced a movie.

It often happens that you say between  friends something like this:

“Have you seen that movie?”

“Oh not yet…”

” Ah, you should really!

Then it also happens that you buy your friend a copy of the book the movie came from as a present. It would be nice if you could also share with your friend the way you went through at the movie. You could give him/her a copy of your bookmark of your “unwritten story” as well.

I made 3 prototypes of laser-cut bookmark. One is me watching Alice and the other 2 are the extremes possibilities, like nobody watching the movie (no butterfly), or a completely not active person , kind of sleeping or “almost dead” in front of the screen (row of butterfly of same dimension.


The reactions of people at the exhibition was quite good and I am glad they like the concept. I needed to explain my project, otherwise from just seeing the application running and the prototypes the whole story I have was not understandable.

Technology used: Processing, OpenCV, laser cutting, some low tech crafts to build the book.


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