Processing and Li trying to humanize an array

Third week with Patrick of The Product teaching Processing.

We are trying to get a basic practice with Processing, the ones who don’t know how to code, of course! There are a lot of people really really good…It is not my case, I am starting now. OpenCV is the library we are focusing on…

Have a look at my first application with OpenCV and Processing, in a moment of coding tiredness and hopeless desperation:


Below you find a still pic of the application.


Today , I was really confused with the “array” concept. Fortunately Li, my friend and collouge in CIID, offered to help and explained it again. Li is very good: she came up with the idea of an array as an one floor house, while a multidimensional array as high building with more than one floors. She also tried to humanize more the concept and used the metaphor of an array as a “human” made by body parts…

Thanks to Li, the “array thing” is something I can understand better!

Here you find the pic of the notes Li and me were making during our “array session”.

io e li


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