Video Proto_Learning

Second week of class with another teacher, Vinay with his assistant Kevin.

The goal (for me) is to survive recording a story and editing a movie to explain a design concept. I must admit, I am not into photography, camera, ect. and I am not so able to communicate. And then, I am a complex thinker. let you guess what i can come up with if I need to story tell…It was really a hard week for me. Thanks to my partner in the project Ulrik, I managed to make it and also learn IMovie and how to handle a camera (a little bit).

I want to spend some words about Ulrik. Me and him are the elder ones in the course (in Italy we say “botte vecchia fa vino buono”, now you can translate on line!). He has a lot of stories to tell, I guess, even if he is not so talkative, a little bit like me. When we were working, he received phones calls from Africa, London, ect. I believe he is/has been involved in such cool stories and projects. It was nice to work with him. We have very different ways of approaching a project. I am complicated, he is very linear and tries to keep it simple to understand. Nice training for me. We had fun and I discovered he likes reggeaton like me, so while shooting we had a very nice playlist!

Here you can see Ulrik, 2m tall Danish/international guy!

Photo 56

The brief we had from Vinay was about a service, called Energise, that helps people save energy and adopting new behaviour towards energy consumption.

Me and Ulrik came up with a concept about allowing people to have as much electrical appliances they want in their houses, but making them aware that is not good *consumpation wise* to use them all together at the same time. So, we tried to visualize domestic energy use by tangible interfaces that work like switches communicating between themselves and understanding when too many devices are on at that time.

We produced 2 videos: low res/low fidelity one firstly and high res/high fidelity at the end of the course:

#  Here the VERY ROMANTIC/HUMORISTIC movie, low res/low fidelity one. What a fun to make it!

#  Here the MORE TO THE CONCEPT movie, high res/high fidelity one, presented at the end of the course to “potential, hypothetical” business men in suits.

We sacrificed the romance to make the concept clearer. Maybe next time we should still keep a little more of the humorist part, we kind of cut too much.


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