Retro-fiction Interfaces

I am getting to the end of Matt classes…We produced a lot of stuff with him, that’s why it is getting so long.

In this project me, Sebastian and Mary worked together to reinvent the use of an old *kind of complex and awkward* machine we were given a picture of by Matt. In particular we had to start from its interface, giving a meaning to all the little components, display, switches we could see in the pic.

Not really able to understand the scale of our machine, we came up with a machine to shear sheeps and get a final wool or wearable product from it. The machine recognizes your rfid tagged sheep and give you some option, like: wash your sheep, dye your sheep… and gives you back wool at first.

Then you can process your wool passing it through the roll in order to get your sweater.

One funny thing is the sheep going through the machine and passing through the little door…







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