Post-It Phones

Very end with Matt Cottam: think about a way of organizing a trip together with a friend using a mobile and creating an interrupted flow of decision made by both the persons, like not having to “refresh” a screen or so.

Be careful of your phone constrains…well, I have a Nokia old style phone that lets you just call/receive and text sms. Pixels style screen. No colors!

I worked with Shruti, who of course has a more advanced phone!

Our mobile communication takes into consideration my phone low res and low tech feature. That’s more or less how our idea works: Shruti drugs me to a place in a world map displayed on her mobile screen, to start inviting me to a trip and I receive just a part of an image of a compass showing the direction (north, east, west, south) of shruti’s destination, according to my actual location. If I do not like the compass destination, I start to drug the compass a little bit up, to the left, right, ect and send this message to shruti. She can the drug me on another place according to the orientation I suggested to her…

We go on like this to decide firstly the country and then we go on with the same procedure to decide the city. Everytime we get to a final “decision”, like country (ex. France), from Shruti I receive a notification saying “Shruti decided France” and then I can say just Yes or Not.

This communication is inspired by the fact that, as long as you go with a friend, doesn’t really matter the destination of a trip and that friends know themselves enough to guess the preferences of the other one. Of course, my old Nokia played a big role!

(tx to Matt Cottam afor the pics)








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