Friend and Unfriend: Icon Diptychs

Another project I did during Matt Cottam  teaching at CIID was about designing two icons for the social networks for the action of “To Friend” and “To Unfriend”. Each of us had to do them individually, sketching from paper and then building them with 24×24 post-its of maximum 3 different colors.

It was a quite hard exercise because you really struggle with simplicity, low resolution and of course with the metaphor for the icons that you are going to use it.

I use 2 colors on a white wall (I choice to build my icons on the toilet wall and on the corridor wall leading to the toilet…just to make that space a little bit more colorful).

My icons where about “making bond according to affinities” because in social networks sometimes you do not really know your “friends”, but you choose them based on something you have in common.

I designed a joint made by two component. I play with the post it, curving and folding them to have a little more choices of expression. I am not such a visual person…I am more bulky and sculptural!

The “To Friend” icon shows magnetic attraction by the curved post it, embracing each other; while the “To Unfriend” icon shows the deconstruction of the bond with post-its falling over and pink post-its starting peeling off the green ones, as an action of rejection based on the missing affinities.

(Tx againg to Matt Cottam for some of these pics)

post its THE MAKING1_laura boffi

post its THE MAKING2_laura boffi

post its TO FRIEND_laura boffi

post its TO UNFRIEND_laura boffi

post its TO FRIEND1_laura boffi

post its TO UNFRIEND1_laura boffi


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