Individuals, Groups and Relationships

This is one project I developed during Matt Cottam classes. It is an individual project, made over one morning, about the visualization of our social network (starting from Facebook contacts) according to particular filters we could choice/invent ourselves.

My visualization focused on the distance (physical and emotional) between me and my contacts, now that I live in Copenhagen. According to the flight duration, I set myself in the centre of increasing radius circles and people are all placed in the areas among these circles.

On a trasparent sheet, I sew the emotional distance between me and my contacts with 3 different length of yarn according to how close I feel to these persons, no matter the physical distance. The transparent sheet and the first white opaque sheet build a kind of deformed space in between them that let you realize that closeness is a relative concept for me.

Then, according to the frequency I use to contact those persons, I put transparencies on the tag names and some of them start to disappear, revealing that I do not contact them very often.

Eventually, I put pins on the tag (from 1 to 3) to visualize how “physical” is the interaction I use to have with these persons.

My boyfriend got 3 pins, no transparency, very short yarn length, but unfortunately he is not in the same circle as me…

(thanks to Matt Cottam for taking the pics)

Individuals, Groups and Relationships 1_lauraboffi

Individuals, Groups and Relationships 3_lauraboffi

Individuals, Groups and Relationships 4_lauraboffi

Individuals, Groups and Relationships 5_lauraboffi

Individuals, Groups and Relationships 6_lauraboffi

Individuals, Groups and Relationships 8_lauraboffi

Individuals, Groups and Relationships 9_lauraboffi

Individuals, Groups and Relationships 10_lauraboffi


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